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About the Photographer, Dustin Penman.

This life journey started when, as a child, I was handed a camera by my father. I was 12 and was hooked from that moment on. My first camera was a Kodak "Disk" camera given to me as a Christmas gift. "Watch out National Geographic," I thought. I later purchased my first manual SLR camera while in High School from the local pawn shop.  In college, I took a couple of basic photography classes while earning a degree in Forestry. As a Forester in the Pacific Northwest, I often had my trusty camera by my side waiting for that magical combination of subject and light.

In 1994, the same year I married my High school sweetheart Dawn Maire, I started my photography business. The business consisted of mainly selling stock images (landscapes) and a few weddings. Now, jump ahead 4 years, Dawn Marie and I are expecting our first child, Brisco James. I was managing and doing all the photography at a portrait studio in Aberdeen Washington. The following year, my second son was born, Colby Tyler.

In 2004, I decided it was time to start my own portrait business, "Carriage House Studios" in Aberdeen Wa. After 20 years in Washington and yearning to dry out from the nearly never ending rain, I moved the family to Sacramento Ca. in 2007. I renamed my business "Penman Photographic Artists" specializing in on-location portraiture. I would travel up and down the West coast going to the places that have a special place in my clients hearts and creating their heirloom portraits there. www.penmanphotographicartists.com  

During all this time, I have been honing my skills for my first love of Photography, Landscapes. I love taking off hiking to explore new locations and creating stunning images that I get to take back and share with people who otherwise would never get the chance to see such places. I also give private photography classes and conduct several all-inclusive "Photo Adventure" seminars a year.

The people and experiences I have met along this life journey has been just incredible. I truly consider myself BLESSED! The good Lord as granted me a wonderful gift and a wonderful family. What else could a man ask for?


May the Lord bless you in your journey!

Dustin (Dusty) Penman