Wall Candy Images is a rising local small business that offers original, beautiful nature photography to businesses that wish to keep their office environments fresh and inspiring for staff and clients alike to get and to stay healthy. We take a unique approach with our prints and choose to infuse them onto aluminum because of the amazing depth and saturation of colors that it adds to the images. Simply put, they are breath-taking on such a medium! These stunning pieces of art consistently change the look and atmosphere of any space where they are displayed. We offer these remarkable works in sets of six, with the usual size being 24"x36", to businesses and private homes on a bi-monthly rotating leasing plan.  Our staff visits each office/home and removes and installs the new artwork for our clients at no inconvenience to you. Each piece is accompanied with a 5"x7" aluminum plaque detailing the location the image was captured as well as the information on how the reader can journey there themselves.


As a part of our launch, for a limited time we are offering a special service for those offices who may want a trial period of our services: a no commitment 6 month trial (allowing for 3 rotations of prints) at a discounted fee.  If you enjoy our services, after six months you may choose to continue with is on a month to month basis.  If not, we collect the artwork and leave with a handshake, thankful for the opportunity.


I look forward to setting up a time to meet with you to show you an aluminum print and discuss how our services can enhance your business.

Wall Candy Images,